Three books—check ’em out.

Three books I’ve been hanging out with — one for the logical mind, one for the energy body, and one for the soul. All good stuff:



This is one book not covered with fairy dust. The author teaches us the reasons behind our daily faulty, skewered thinking. Remember the old story of the lemmings and the cliff? Well, this book shows just how closely related we are to them!

Reading this book is like slowly peeling off a bandage. You want to look; you have to look, but only with your head turned slightly away and with some wincing. This book needs slow reading to allow digestion of each chapter (and this baby has 99 short chapters). I highly recommend this book but be ready to be amazed, disgusted, enlightened and slightly disheartened at times.



This book is about our energy forces within our own bodies. Basically it’s a book on taking care of ourselves from the inside out. The author takes us through the recognised energy fields and explains in nice simple terms what these fields are and how they work. Dr. Chiasson has given us a basic manual on helping ourselves feel better. She shows us how to get to know ourselves and trust our own bodies. If you believe in energy then this book is a must-read. And a keeper.



I have to admit—I am a fan of Jon Kabat-Zinn. Reading his words is as refreshing as filling the lungs with crisp clean mountain-top air. This is another book where each small chapter needs space to digest. I liken this book to taking a holiday with a monk.

In this age of hustle and fear of being left behind this author takes us inside for a rest. Even if you meditate regularly and have for ages, Jon Kabat-Zinn is still a good reminder of why we need to pull off the jet packs and put our walking shoes back on. Spending time with Jon Kabat-Zinn is remembering the gentleness and beauty we all too often rush past. And he makes us realize how much we miss it. An excellent read.

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