What I have learned this past week

What I have learned this past week.        TBR

  • Life interferes with reading most days
  • According to a chiropractor marathon reading is not good exercise, which makes me wonder— what is winter for if not serious reading?
  • Cookies, muffins and meals won’t make themselves no matter how hard you stare at the kitchen from your comfy chair
  • Two things happen when one gets older; Bicycle seats get narrower and harder as skin grows ever tenderer.
  • Walking arm in arm with your partner is a good way to transfer weight off your sore feet.
  • Being sick makes people cranky. Which is even more reason they should stay home. I mean, why glare at me just because they’re coughing and I’m holding up my fingers in a cross symbol.
  • Some green teas suck in taste—less like a freshly mown field and more like dried out, smoked swamp grass.
  • I want to thank Ann Marie Chiasson, MD for her book Energy Healing because that one simple exercise of tapping the big toes together for five minutes really does send sweet vibes of energy zinging along the body.
  • And thanks to Nick Ortner of The Tapping Solution for a bucket of other places to tap.
  • That Man-wonder really does like to winter barbecue. Huh!
  • That sitting in front of a large window, while writing, is great entertainment. Who knew a tiny cul-de-sac could be so busy? Seems it’s a great turn around for those poor souls lost in the maze of streets in this park. And that some neighbors have interesting habits.

Cool—a home with a view!

  • And with no doubt whatsoever that we need more sunshine—in our souls and on our faces.


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