Winter — too much inside time?


Here I sit, facing my screen and the world of evening hangs like a black curtain beyond the window. Another short day is over yet I can’t bear to shut the blinds.

I see my reflection on the glass and beyond the transparent me I see the glow of lights across the street, through still-open blinds, as if the elderly lady living there can’t bear to end the day yet either.

My mind wonders about that old woman across the way.  Does she enjoy her own company at night? Once the day is gone, and before she drifts off for the night, does she revel in her aloneness? Or does she claim the world of television as her own, like so many?  Or is her nose buried in a good book? Maybe not even aware her blinds have not been drawn yet.

I wonder—is she happy? Is she afraid? Does she fear shutting out the world by closing her blinds? Would closing them make her feel more alone? Maybe she likes to watch how the headlights play off objects? Or maybe she just likes to watch the neighbors?  Hey—maybe she’s just nosy. Maybe she is sitting there, right now, just beyond the pool of light from her lamp, looking over at me and wondering what I am doing in my pool of light?

Maybe I should close my blinds?

But I don’t because as I sit here, making up scenes about her in my head I’m creating a character for a future story. I’m not so sure I even want to get to know her one day. If I do then the mystery will be gone. Right now, in the dark, she’s excellent fodder for the writer in me.

Like that goofy guy down the road. I wonder where he goes every day, almost always at the same time ? I suppose if I really wanted to know I could try following him. But then the mystery would be gone. Besides, what if he caught me? Accused me of being a stalker? And what if when trying to defend me, the great Man-wonder spills his guts, insisting I’m harmless because I stalked him once too and look how harmless that turned out to be?

(Of course that is another story isn’t it?)

Ahhh, life in a MHP has good promise . . .  don’t you think?

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