One Week—Eight Things Gleamed

old man

  1. There’s a world of difference between a shower and monsoons when you’re on a bike ride.
  2. A new (talking wide and gelled here) bicycle seat means no longer walking like a cowboy who’s been on a giddy-up trail too long.
  3. Given the odds of probability—if you’re on a six-foot wide bike trail and there is a downed tree trunk jutting out onto the trail by two inches max you will turn your bike and head straight for it.
  4. On other physical matters; it’s best to go into a Reiki session with no expectations. I’d hoped for some serious non-physical clearing. What I got was some definite physical (sinus and lung) clearing which lasted for two days. Though she did say I had a lovely, healthy energy field. Nice to know.
  5. On viewing the word through a different lens; sometimes a major company, like Canon actually does care about its customers. Nice. They not only couriered a replacement camera to us but also couriered our original memory card and battery back to us. All followed up with phone calls from both the US head office and the Canadian Head Office. Real nice.
  6. On reading about writing; I found an article in the February issue of The Writer titled Outlining and Story Mapping by K.M.Weiland. Did it ever click with my grey matter and make organizing a story way less confusing. Thank You K.M.
  7. On reading; that coming across a whodunit where the writer skillfully pulls the wool over my eyes until the end is almost as delightful as planting my tush on my new bike seat.
  8. On health matter; Man-wonder and I have both been feeling the urge to step back into the world of the G.I. Diet Lifestyle. A much healthier way of feeling.

But, I’m not—repeat—not— giving up my coffee for any one. . .

ain’t gonna’ happen



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