Smoking The Tracks

Finally, the stinking rain stopped.

Man-wonder and I busted out of the mobile like fleas off a dead dog, heading for anywhere, and everywhere, and in the end—the coffee shop.

But first we needed a good dose of Vitamin D so we took a wander along a couple of trails between home and Timmies.

The first walk was on a boardwalk following a fast-flowing and  twisty creek. The second walk took us deeper into the woods and parallel with railroad tracks for a ways. Feeling adventuresome we decided to walk the tracks instead of following the trail when it looped back.

Now, there is just something about walking railway tracks.

For just a few minutes there’s a sense of living the vagabond life. A sense of going nowhere, or somewhere, and all the time in the world to do it. Add to that, a tiny fissure of lurking danger—I mean, dastardly things can, and do happen on railroad tracks.

But there is still something about walking the tracks that’s like getting stoned without the smoking bit. . .

And that’s what happened to my brain – it reefed out all on its own when we came to the train trestle passing over the creek which was now rushing like a mad retriever to reach the ocean.  All that gushing water below, and me, like a razzbone, staring down between the tracks as we crossed.

No wonder my gray matter took a trip to the movies!

Looking down through the trestles reminded me of vertigo. Which made me think of the movie of the same title. Which made me think of Alfred Hitchcock. Which made me think of all things dark and dangerous. Which made me think of those movies where dark dangerous things live under trestles. Which made me think of the movie Stand By Me stand by me—where those boys were screaming over the trestle because a train was suddenly bearing down on them. Which made me run like crazy for the other side. Which startled Man-wonder into racing right along side of me thinking I knew something he didn’t!

The sticky part came once I stopped sucking wind and could talk coherently and tried explaining to Man-wonder. I guess I should be grateful he was still willing to buy me a coffee—which made me think of the Grateful Dead, which made me think (?) of Dr.Hook and their song, I got stoned and I missed it, which made me think of grass, which made me realize that Spring is coming—which means more sunshine and more walks.


Life is good eh?

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