Into the wild woods we go

We found another trail to explore and, just to live on the edge, decided to explore it after dinner with a coffee from our favorite coffee shop. Imagine that – coffee after seven and taking a chance on an unknown trail which might not get us home until after dark. Goes against all the wiles of wisdom eh?

But that’s us  — modern day elder-rebels. Mind you both the trail and the coffee shop are within an eight minute walk of home. . .so maybe it’s just a tweaky sniff of danger. And definitely not as dangerous as the trail turned out to be.

Off we went—meandering down a new trail, enjoying the signs of spring and inhaling our coffees when, 10 minutes into the trail, we come to this sign

. sign - first one

Have I ever mentioned how I dislike signs? More often than not they cause problems; like filling my head with lines from a childhood ditty about being in the woods, ‘If you go down to the woods today / You’re sure of a big surprise’

And there I was, getting a sore neck from trying to see over both shoulders at the same time because all I can think of is; gun-packing cranky land owners with private burial fields for trespassers or bikers protecting grow crops. Meanwhile, as I’m freaking out, good old Man-Wonder continues  tromping along like he has never learned how to read and/or could care less what the sign says.

And then, another ways down the trail we come across this beauty;

sign - second one


Just-out-of-the-winter-den-hungry bears! I know it and am a heartbeat from spinning like a demented ballerina and running out of those woods when Man-wonder comes to a dead stop twenty feet ahead and says, “Look at that,” way too calmly for slobbering bears or goobers with guns so I sneak a little closer to see what he’s seeing.

It’s a big hole, maybe fifteen to twenty feet across and circling it is a wire fence with bits of dangly ratty-edged red ribbons. There are faded words on the ribbons and of course I want to know what it says. (Red should have been a good clue here but I was too busy not thinking to think).

“What’s it say on those ribbons?” I ask Man-wonder.

“I don’t know.” He says from where he stands on the trail.

I get a little closer—close enough to notice two things: One—part of the fence is in the hole (meaning the hole hasn’t finished growing), and two—the words on the ribbons are: “DANGER” and “DO NOT ENTER”.

Right. Man-wonder must have seen the panic in my eyes because he comes up with this statement, “It’s an old sink hole. Look,” He points downward, “there are trees growing out of it.” And, as if the problem has been solved, he heads off down the trail again.

Even as I back away I’m not buying his idea. I have my own theory. That sink hole happened so fast those poor trees just dropped and shock has kept them upright.

Two smaller sinkholes later we follow the trail over a bank, alongside a small river just before it empties into the Nanaimo Estuary. We stop beside a medium-sized tree and goggle at the tree roots dangling in mid-air below us. Kneeling down we saw how a large section under the trail was gone, gone, gone!  Honestly, my two weak knees lifted and hustled me across that section like I was in a freaking parade. Hubby not far behind.

That was the worst part and I’m happy to say the trail mellowed out after and stayed solid (except for the muck field) until we found the end of the trail and this view.

from estuary to mainland #1 Was it worth it?

This freaked out pansy-rebel thinks so.  And for the record—I think Man-wonder is darn lucky he didn’t have to piggy-back me home.

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