Tissue Town

When Man-wonder picked up a cold I avoided him where ever possible. We air kissed hello, goodbye and were seldom in the same room. Didn’t matter a diddle-squat—I still inhaled germs somewhere along the lines. So that’s the highlight of our lives at this point; waiting for bedtime so we can collapse. Sometimes our coughing and hacking almost sounds synchronized—like the mating call of the moose, or geese on the fly-by.

Living in this MHP has been a bit like taking a can-opener to my foggy brain. Here I was—in the usual self-pity state of mind, looking up every symptom online until I was sure I was developing some other deadly virus. I swear I could feel my body shriveling, dying, cell by cell. To shake myself out of my melancholy I worked up the energy for a trip to the mailbox (roughly one hundred feet from our door.) After checking that no one else was outside, loitering in the vicinity, I made a hobbly-dash for the post boxes.

And immediately ran into two neighbors!

They quickly and politely moved away from my hacking frame but continued to give me the run down on the neighbors.  Like the fellow who’s working on his  third go-round of the cold. Another one was struggling through a chest cold right up until he had a heart attack. And another neighbor, suffering from emphysema, picked up the virus too and is now in hospital fighting for her life. It’s not looking good.

So my snotty attitude has been wiped away. And I’ve been able to shush the child in me who wishes someone would wrap her up in a soft blanket and rock her until she feels better, and the adult in me wishes someone would just pick up a big honking rock and put her out of my misery. And. even though, right now, I feel like a big old icky sticky bag of germs I know it’ll soon run its course.

Besides, I still got my stash of herbs and tinctures . . . so bring on the hot water and let’s concoct until the germs are running for their lives. (Man-wonder makes a fine guinea pig).

Hurray for Spring and all it brings eh?

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