Move over Monkey-mind, Nirvana coming in



I realized I haven’t been meditating lately. Back when winter was in full gray it was a daily or twice daily happening. Since winter has slipped into spring and the world has blossomed into vividness, I’ve been neglecting my mind and instead focusing on my senses—getting nose-deep in the smells of trees and flowers coming to life and soaking my eyeballs with the colors of a sun-warmed day. In a way, being in the moment, I am  blissing out.

But still, there’s that something deep inside of me yelling for attention.

It’s the sensation when the chattering mind has been silenced for awhile. Not by numbing with television or taking it on a ride by reading a good book. No, I’ve been missing the sensation of sliding down (or up) through the brain waves until I get beyond the Alpha state, beyond the Theta state (without falling into the Delta mind), until I reach that encompassing emptiness of, well—just being. It’s a state so intoxicating, so rich and satisfying I’d chose it over Jujubes any day.

And lord knows I do like my Jujubes!

The trouble comes when the practice of meditation falls away—It’s like a whistle call for the monkey mind—like saying, hey monkey—here’s a banana and oh, look over there—a brain to fry. Have at ‘er. And the monkey mind being the chatterbox to end all chatterboxes, steps right in and messes the hell out of the gray matter—turns it into a whirling dervish of cells, images and thoughts.

When I am doing meditation regularly everything feels better. I feel alive, invigorated and capable of handling anything.

When I don’t practice, it’s akin to feeling like  a blindfolded slug trying to cross a highway.

Yeah, I miss my meditation.



  1. I stopped by to thank you for the follow. Interesting subject for me. I so try to meditate. My monkey mind always gets the upper hand. If just once it would work, I’d be addicted. Like to chocolate. 🙂


    • Too bad monkeys like bananas — Imagine if we could train the slippery little monkey mind with chocolate! Talk about a win-win situation eh?

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    • Thank you and sorry it took so long for me to reply. I keep forgetting to check the spam filter.


      • Hah! Forgot to answer your question. It’s one of free themes. I did nothing except pick it.


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