Inside? Outside?

The spring cold is almost history. Just that last niggly, hacky coughing tail end of it which is guaranteed to happen in a crowded area and usually, when everything around us is dead quiet—then either Man-wonder or I will bust out in uncontrollable hacking. Like we’re trying to cough up a last dried-out piece of lung and which naturally brings a boatload of eyeballs down on us like everyone’s on a witch-hunt and we’ve just pulled a magic trick . . .

Which sent me on a desperate run to the health food store for something herbal to brew up.

So there I was, staring at all the jars of dried matter and imagining Man-wonder’s face each time I said (with a straight face), “Try this, try this.” And like the gumbah he can be, he does!


Anyway, my happy thoughts were interrupted by a clerk suggesting we try golden seal capsules instead. Should clear the lungs and, as a bonus, leave us feeling wonderful.

Now that would be a good trick since I haven’t felt wonderful for a lonnnng time. Sure, I’ve felt good. I’ve even felt fine; just not wonderful. But boy, am I ready to.

Meanwhile, inside, I’ve been working on some picture puzzles for submission (children magazines) and may have to move to the back room of the mobile instead of working by front window. Too, too much happening outside the glass.

At one point my focus kept snagging on this weird scraping sound, like someone dragging chains on cement. Eventually, the (nice) lady next door moves into my view. There she is, on her hands and knees, scraping clean the cracks and edges of her driveway  . . .

Dear Got-in-Heaven!  Have people not heard of vinegar and waiting for a stiff breeze to blow by? Besides seeing her really scuffed up my proud sunshiny feeling over my yard care program.

Last week I ambitiously sprayed the moss spreading over the gravel (which apparently is frowned upon unless it’s artfully draped) which ours wasn’t. It was merely clumpy looking. So I sprayed.

This week I went out and kicked at the yellowing clumps to check. All dead. So next week I plan on getting out the rake and removing it.

Seems like I might need to tweak my yard-care schedule a wee bit.

mushrooms'I thought living in a MHP was to be easy-peasy. . .I may have to rethink that . . . when I’m not so busy.


>From The Curious Gardener’s Almanac: Each garden contains an average of one hundred species of spiders and each house contains about ten species.

My question to that—is it safer outside or inside?  spider-web-black-white



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