Never trust a book


When we moved into our present 900 square feet of home it felt like a big sigh of relief after almost 3000 sq ft of living space. But the most exciting part was the getting shed of two-thirds of our gathered stuff. It was so freeing. We swore  promised we’d be careful to follow the rule of one thing in – one thing out.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. What fools we mere mortals be.

Seven months later we find we are filling up our nooks and crannies with books, art supplies, writing material and fly tying supplies.

But especially books.

Here’s a nugget of wisdom—did you know you don’t even have to be home much to gather too many books?  TBR schoolbooks          TBR

It’s true!

In my secret child-heart (alias goober-brain) I believe every book has a person’s name in it since their origin  and they know where we live. Many of them wait in hiding until we leave the premise and then, one by one, so we don’t clue in, they sneak into our homes and huddle on our shelves.

C’mon—how many times have you bought a book only to come home and find it already on your shelf? Or find yourself standing in front of a bookshelf, holding a book  and wondering where in heck it came from?

And I swear, that when we are in town shopping for other things a pack of books will hunt us down like starving dogs spotting a couple of wieners. . .and lord help us, once they spot us it’s game over. They hide in our vehicle and wait because they know, oh yes, they know, that there’s a bare counter, table top, or shelf waiting with enough room for them.

And the little ink-tattooed bound beggars are right—there will always be room for one more. . .  and another. . . and another . . . and another. . . and. . . and . . .


Seems Man-wonder and I still haven’t grasped the concept of one out for every new one in. . . .


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