A mini-roadtrip into the dawn

Woke at four this morning to catch Man-Wonder quietly getting dressed.

“What’s up?” I snorted from my warm pillow (yes, drool does make it warm).

“Timmies.” He said.

I was up and dressed, including removing any night-hare breath from my teeth and waiting at the door before his shoes were tied.

Fifteen minutes later we were dozily sitting across from each other in the surprisingly busy coffee shop (doesn’t anyone stay in bed anymore?) when he said, “Short roadtrip? Check out the pinks?”


Even though I’m not a fisherperson, I was standing at the door  dangling the keys from my fingers by the time he slid out of his side of the booth.

Pooh to responsibilities and let the road-trip begin. . .

An hour later we pulled into a well-known secret fishing spot up island. Man-wonder wandered over to where a number of fishermen were spread out on the shore  while I headed away to where a single well-aged beach chair was waiting. (Bless you whoever put it there)


Lord, it was the perfectly magical time of morning to be on the beach. Dawn was somewhere behind the first layers of cloud in weeks but you could tell it was there because right in the middle of the clouds there were three tiny openings. Like wee panes of old wavy glass windows where the most brilliant gold-orange sunrise was glowing through. Between the clouds and the horizon the sky was banded in soft pinks and blues. Across the bay, there was a band of islands, each one a different hue of blue-gray with wisps of cloud rolling between them.

I felt like kissing my fingertips and yelling bravo!

But that would have disturbed the approximately 5 dozen seagulls resting quietly about 30 feet in front of me.(Huh, who knew a seagull could be quiet?) Just to one side of them about 2 dozen geese quietly drifted on the water. Actually, aside from the crickets and the occasional cry of a loon, it was so quiet I could hear the swishing of the fishing lines as they were cast into the water.

OMG—perfection at its freaking perfected most!

Then came a splash followed by a happy yelp and the sight of every single seagull lifting into the air to do a long loop around the battle of man and fish. When the fish slipped the hook they returned to wait quietly on the shoreline.

Too bad no one caught anything while we were there – it would have been interesting to see if the seagulls would dive-bomb for the fish. And if they did, would the fishermen go after the birds???

I wished I’d been awake enough to remember the camera. But even more I wish there was a way to record the smells by the ocean in the dawn.





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