Fish Talk

It’s fishing mania right now and since Man-wonder is a fishing addict we’ve been hanging around the shoreline catching the tides.

And there have been interesting moments.

Like watching the damp poetry of a line of fishermen standing, maybe ten or fifteen feet apart  tossing out their lines when, upon hearing a splash of a leaping fish, turn in tandem to cast in that direction.

Or when the good-sporting hoots and conversation that drift ashore quickly turn to low grumbles and snide remarks when less-than-sporting fishermen/women don’t release  fowl-hooked ones. Illegal and worse — dirty fishing.

Personally, I think they deserve the title of ‘fishing whores’ bestowed upon them.

Another goober-sliding-into-stupid move we saw came from a canoeist, and I truly hate to say anything bad about someone who canoes, but this goombah deliberately  paddled into a mess of fishermen and began cutting the lines as they fell over his canoe.

Ever seen a group of ballistic fisherman? Ever seen a canoe leave a wake?

I have.

Even the seals like to get into the action—One hungry one slipped into the middle of a circle of fishermen around a school of fish which sent the fish into a broiling mass just before they took off in every direction.  Within seconds all there was left was a group of either laughing or forlorn-looking fishermen reeling in empty lines as the seal feasted.

Another broil, on another evening, almost caused Man-wonder to do a tush-dive when a school broiled around him close enough to be banging into his legs.

Ever seen a man dance in waders?  Wonder if the fish were laughing?

I know I was. . .

Another evening we watched a group of teens having an absolute hoot. They were nailing fish like they had magical lures and as soon as one teen hooked a fish another teen splashed over and held out the bottom of his tee-shirt like a net and caught the fish. Together they’d unhook the fish and after a kiss to the snout they’d release it, laughing like bandits the whole time.

And, when I got tired of watching the water action I’d look up and catch some magnificent sunrises, sunsets and odd cloud formations.

sky shots (16)          sky shots (27)          sky shots (10)

sky shots (21)      003

But, all this fishy action leaves me with a couple of  questions—Like what do fish talk about underwater?

fish dreams

And, just how many fishermen pee in the water?




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