Books on the shelf, under the shelf, and everywhere else too.

What’s been on and what’s on my reading shelf this past month……………………..

1591797691The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You by Karla McLaren.

Karla is an empathic counselor. She shows us how, through words and exercises, we can live a more healthy conscious life by understanding what our emotions are telling us and by becoming the natural empathics we all are. Or would be if we hadn’t buried the ability so deeply. . . . . . . I’m only part way through it because it’s one of those read/stop/think/ read/stop/think  types of books. Worth it so far!

193333083x A Different Kind of Luxury by Andy Couturier.

This book is so good, so rich I can almost taste it as I read. The author has interviewed, stayed with, and captured the lives of eleven Japanese people who chose to live a simple life in the mountains of rural Japan rather than city life. They are farmers, potters, philosophers and artists living what the author calls a luxurious life of nature. I find myself craving what they have. How will I feel by the end of the book? It’s another one of those pondering books and I want to read every single word on every single page.

untitledAndy is also author of a book for writers called Writing Open the Mind. (It’s on my list)

1401943101 Tune In by Sonia Choquette.

Sonia is a writer and an intuitive guide. Anything she writes is worth reading. This book is on how to connect to a part of us we have lost, or disconnected from. She writes easy.

0307452980 Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul by Deepak Chopra.

I remember the first time I ever read a Deepak book. It blew me away. It felt like I’d found a whole new world and it changed my thinking. And I still feel he is one of the best teachers out there.

Now for the fun stuff………………………………………………

0399159266  0425270165

Clive Cussler’s Fargo series—I inhaled them. What’s not to enjoy about Remi and Sam?

0312571232     1250003776

Discovered Michael Lee West’s  character Teeny Templeton. Best fun I’ve had ignoring housework in a while following her misadventures!

0451240901  And yahoo for another hoot-able book by Juliet Blackwell deaturing her witch character Lily Ivory and Lilie’s pot-bellied-pig familiar Oscar.

And right now, and the reason I have to stop blogging is because I’m in the middle of another fantastic discovery:

146420294x—Susan Slater’s super Insurance Investigator character, Dan Mahoney. I’m reading Rollover with Flashflood  to follow. (Wrong order I know, but when a writer is this good, who cares. . . )

I hear pages rustling—gotta’ go

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