A mountain called Memory

 For as long as I can remember, when I was too busy to mentally hang onto information I’d file it away, thinking I’ll pull it out later.
Well, that ‘later’ pile grew, and grew, into some ginormous mountain, overflowing with layers upon layers of things to remember, nuggets of thought.
However, the trouble was that once the pile grew too big, many of my little ‘remembers’ didn’t have enough steam to make it to the top of the heap and then like an abandoned sled on an icy hill, they began slipping downhill, gathering speed until they splashed into the deep dark murky pool of empty at the bottom of the mountain.
Some thoughts obviously drowned. Never to be remembered again
 Some managed to stay afloat, floating around belly-up as they gathered enough energy to try another run to the top.
And some actually make it!
Their arrival, like a tiny pleasurable electric shock make my lips twitch upwards as I snap my fingers and say, “Oh, yeah, right, now I remember. . . “
And sometimes, in my own clumsy way, my hunt for a certain fact or thought will be strong enough to pull the memory out of the sludge and yank it up to the top like it’s on a tow rope. Those days make me swear there’s nothing wrong with my memory that a little muscle won’t fix. .
Nothing at all . .
And on a completely different subject—from the book of interviews titled A Different Kind Of Luxury (written by Andy Couturier) he is offered this thought on culture & civilization by Masanori Oe:
‘In one sense it is an illusion; something that exists only in our minds. People tend to think that without all the things that make up culture and civilization we couldn’t live. We think, living in society, that we are lacking all kinds of things. That’s why we make movies & books & all kinds of material objects, creating more civilization. The whole time we are desperately chasing after some nourishment elsewhere. An illusion.’


  1. Sonya ann Said:

    Coming to island this weekend would love to visit with u and Uncle Randy? Email me back since ur email and phone number don’t work. Lol love u xoxo


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