Remembrance Day, and Grasping the Chicken—no—Bird’s Tail

th3J2ANQPKRemembrance Day approaches and I am indebted to those souls who served this country. Not only for what they gave, heart, soul and body during those horrific times, but also on a much more selfish, itty-bitty minded way as this year the day of remembrance falls on a Tuesday and that means our Tai Chi workshop misses a week.

For that I am most selfishly doubly indebted and grateful.

Many years ago I dragged Man-Wonder to a Tai Chi workshop. It was something new and slightly exotic at that time. The instructor wore a loose black uniform, long dark hair and had a small genetic relationship to the Oriental race. It was in a three words—shivery delicious and mysterious.

Too bad I couldn’t say the same for the workouts. I think I made it through most of the sessions (okay, more than half of them). Man-Wonder took to it like a frog to a lily pad and has practiced the form on and off ever since.

Two months ago our neighbor/friend, who belongs to a city club for seniors convinced me to join up and take the Tai Chi beginners course with her. Yes, I admit it — they let me join—musta’ been that wrinkle in my forehead that convinced them.

There was nothing mysterious or exotic about this class as the instructor is a delightful close-to-eighty-something woman with a long sense of humor. She would be making it almost enjoyable bearable—if it wasn’t for the moves. And while she is funny, she is also a first class big honking liar.

Three point two minutes into the first class and she says, “Now class, I’m going to show you the first move.” And then she whips through about six hundred mini-motions.

“Everyone get that?” she asks so sweetly when done. And everyone, except we two, nod like idiots on a stick!

Seriously, c’mon, how could anyone get it that fast?

And I suddenly remembered why I’d not fallen in love with Tai Chi oh-so-long ago. It’s a hell of a lot of work. Body and mind. Not only do you have to remember the sequence of steps within each named move but you also have to watch where your feet are going in connection with your hands plus you have to keep remembering which is right and which is left and that the instructor is moving opposite to you.

No wonder I come home cranky and needing a nap.

Only there is Man-Wonder eagerly waiting so he and I can go through the moves together. Yeah, he flows and I’m like Velcro glomping. . .

But I will persist. And even with my friend and I trying to remember the moves in the common area out back, and even with us making up our own names for the moves we sort-of remember, and even as Man-Wonder walks away shaking his head, I will persist.

Even if it means taking that beginner’s class over and over . . .


. . . .and over.

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