SOLIVTUR AMBULANDO: It is solved by walking



Once again the wise words of St. Augustine of Hippo have been proven true.

I recently went through a week of growing inner turmoil. Why?

Was it because:

  • A birthday was arriving, meaning I was one year closer to my end rather than my beginning and I still haven’t gleamed the essence of it all?
  • Or because I’ve been pissing around instead of seriously writing again?
  • OR because there hadn’t been enough sun and my vitamin D level was in the toilet?
  • OR, because I still can’t whip the I want, I want mentality that burdens my spirit and I’m so so tired of it?

Whatever the reason, or combination of reasons, I was feeling like a frog on a sinking lily pad and I couldn’t shake it.

So, B-day arrives and when I opened my eyes I knew I needed to take a looong walk and, because Man-Wonder is always game to walk some anywhere, we put on our rain coats, opened our umbrellas, and walked to town in the downpour . . .

. . . And it was wonderful!

We had a quiet, swishy (thanks to passing cars) walk. We spent awhile drying off and reading magazines at the library, then enjoyed a classy lunch in one restaurant. After that (to shake off the class) we headed to a wonderfully, wildly eclectic coffee shop for a loungy cuppa before heading home in the never-ending rain.

Our walkabout took us six hours. We arrived home with tired feet squishing inside soggy shoes, and just slightly ahead of the dark. But most importantly, we were both smiling.

. . And my mind was finally at peace.

I out-walked my piss-ass mood. Somewhere, it fell away. Dropping into a muddy puddle where it belonged.


Solvitur ambulando indeed!

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