Last week Man-wonder and I took a trip. For the first time in somewhere between ten and fifteen years we left Vancouver Island. Got on a ferry and motored across the Strait of Georgia.

We agreed to not act like googly-eyed tourists but we gave ourselves away minutes after boarding our first ferry and hustling up to claim front row seats.

Too bad neither of us noticed the crush of bodies flowing against us as we happily nabbed two prime seats. We plunked right down to enjoy the view. Of what we were leaving.

A. Leaving Nanaimo

Yeah. We had prime seats looking out the back of the ferry. . .

At least it wasn’t crowded.

After getting off that ferry we caught a second ferry, and this time we enjoyed stunning views of snow-capped mountains as we motored along side a number of small islands.

D. Gibsons (15)

Disembarking, we had a short drive to our first destination—lunch in a restaurant which used to be famous for being in a well-known and crazy popular Canadian TV show. (about a hundred years ago)

D. Gibsons (12)


Of course I had to take pictures. And I did keep the camera low. Too bad I didn’t remember to turn the flash off!

That’s when I gave up and began snapping off the shots like a monkey with a new toy.  I snapped a good one of the floor, one of the booth beside us, and finally one of the window overlooking the harbour before giving up because Man-wonder’s ‘oh my god’ sighs were getting annoyingly loud and people were staring.

Sunshine Coast Holiday

After lunch we found a well-trod path between the first row of homes and the harbor. Part way along the path we discovered a home with a chicken coop build alongside the walkway. Attached to the pen was a newsletter called The Chicken Coop and it was full of info about the girls. Like who was laying, who wasn’t, and who’d been feeling fowl. Too cute!

Of course Man-wonder and I both had to try patting the chickens.

C’mon.  Seriously? Have you ever tried to pat a chicken?

So, did I get a picture of any of the above? Of course not. I mean, a picture of chickens by the seaside? When there are restaurant floors to snap?

You know, maybe I should let Man-Wonder carry the camera for a while. . .

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