Operatic Solo or Operatic No-no

I’ve been hanging around the coffee shops again. Listening to snatches of conversations and pondering the wisdom of people.

What have I learned?

  • It doesn’t matter how well dressed and together people look, they still have the same kind of sticky, icky issues.
  • Like the young couple, who were, whether they realized it or not, breaking up. I was fascinated at how their voices would go from quiet angry to rising fury, before dropping into angry hisses, only to start rising again. It was like hearing an operatic libretto minus any musical score.
  • Across town, in another coffee shop I was treated to the following; Two male clerks were eating lunch and discussing the sales levels of the new ‘manly’ outdoors store.

“Yeah, headquarters is trying to figure out why our rifle sales and our fudge sales are still shooting up. We’re outselling all the other stores.

“Simple,” replies the other one. “We gotta’ lotta’ fat people shooting off more than just their mouths around here.”

I’m still amazed that neither of them, while busting a gut, didn’t choke on their sandwiches. And, I really wonder, just who the real fatheads were. . .

. . . .

One last scene worth sharing—This time it was all Man-Wonder’s fault (and since he never reads this blog I’m safe to say that.) Part of our improved lifestyle means more walking. So we decided that we would include an after dinner walk to our local coffee shop, a few times a week, for an evening cuppa.

“Let’s take the crib board.” Man-Wonder said last night.

“I’m kind of tired.”

But he did and we had a game. When it was apparent he was going to double-skunk me I offered to toss the game.

“Un uh” he said, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”

Remember how I said I was tired?

Well, I belted out one of my short operatic squalls,thSNBVKTCX like I tend to do at home (or when locked safely in a moving vehicle).

Wow! Have you ever been the cause of instant dead silence? I considered sliding under the table but the image of struggling to get back up killed that thought before my legs had time to do more than twitch.  Instead—with crib board tucked tightly under arm and toques pulled low—we slunk quietly into the foggy night.

So, I wonder which will happen first—we go back to that coffee shop or Man-Wonder wants another game of crib?

And, I want to add a note here for anyone with a song in their heart; I couldn’t help but notice the echoing—the acoustics in a half-empty coffee shop are pretty good!







  1. Anonymous Said:

    I could so-o-o see you doing that and I could also see your hubby going completely red!! I laughed a lot at this one! Xo


    • Happy to lighten your moment. And, I’m happy to report, they haven’t stopped us from going back. As long as I ignore the smirks from staff, and Man-Wonder’s nervous twitching, all is good!


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