Book Review or Two


Sarah Jio – Goodnight June

June Anderson, the main character, is a self-described highly trained, (emotionless)  ‘ax-person’ for a foreclosure department of a large bank when her beloved aunt dies and June finds herself the new owner of a much-loved bookstore from her childhood. But she hasn’t just inherited Bluebird Books, she’s also inherited a lot of problems. Serious problems.

June is suddenly faced with decisions; Quit her highly successful job and do everything she can to breathe life back into the bookstore, or try to sell it and go back to her own successful life.

To further complicate things, she is led to discover years of friendship letters between her aunt and Margaret Wise Brown, author of Goodnight Moon—the beloved children’s classic book. Letters which cause her to turn around and take another look at everything she believes to be true.

This book I could not put down. I tried. But I just seemed to end up with my bum parked and my eyes rapidly moving from left to right.

This is one big heart-tugging/heart-warming book from start to finish and it closes with a long satisfying sigh.

Good stuff!


The second book I was planning to review will have to wait. At least until the deliriously-happy drool has dried.

Good thing it’s not a library book!



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