To fish or to Paint—That is the Question.

Ahhhh!  !cid_AA7310DC-7EF0-4611-88DC-D4EAF0D59241Spring!

The air is full of happy cackles as bodies shuffle their feet away from the local bookstores, turning them, instead, toward blooming gardening shops and DIY stores.

Especially the DIY stores!

Isn’t it just too strange how the lovely pristine paint job from last year  is suddenly seen as having gray sanitarium undertones? Yuck and where’s the paint can?

Which brings to mind my number one Spring headache—Man-Wonder’s ability to recognize the misty-eyed decorator gaze I get while dithering between shades, hues and tones and that means I’m forced to keep one eye on him as my other eye roams because if he manages to

leaving roomslink out the back door, fishing rod in hand, I’m left either putting off my visit to the local DIY store or, grabbing up the wheelbarrow (it is only three blocks away). But it’s something I’ve been trying to not do. There really isn’t any need to add the label of ‘Mayor of Dorksville’ to my resume!

thI4JBIBM6Plus it’s a busy MHP. Imagine all the stop and drop-to-wave action while wearing a ‘no-I-haven’t-lost-it-yet’ and’ yes-my-husband-knows-what-I’m-doing’ smile. Yeah. No.

No, it’s better I get up in the middle of the night to stare at the walls and ponder the paint chips while Man-Wonder is still snoring his fool head off. I can always nap in between brush strokes. . .

Ahhhh, Spring!



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