Where I’ve been lately (when not reading, or in the bathroom painting).

1251863183437686362tag_svg_hi     https://irenesroth.wordpress.com/ Her most recent article is on writing in the flow or, as Jan Fields, over at ICL, puts it—’Great piece on how becoming a writing professional begins with us’.

1251863183437686362tag_svg_hi   https://writeknit.wordpress.com/author/writeknit/ Writes book reviews, is a writer and loves to knit the cutest things for hospital babies (and much more). Her book reviews usually puts me into a ‘Oooh, gotta’ read that one!’ state of mind.

1251863183437686362tag_svg_hi     http://throughopenlens.com/author/throughopenlens/ If you are into photography, Lukas Kondraciuk offers up a daily photo along with related photography info, as well as short fact blurb about the subject of the day. 1251863183437686362tag_svg_hi     http://www.apartmenttherapy.com This site sends a daily list of DIY projects; things others have done; including a ‘here—sit back and ogle these photos’ break in your day.

1251863183437686362tag_svg_hi     https://askleo.com/ My go-to guy for all things computy. He has recently begun sending out videos that are easy to understand called  ‘What does .? . ?.  .mean?’ When it comes to computers I need the person teaching to talk real slow and not use big strange words. Leo does it! Yah Leo.

1251863183437686362tag_svg_hi    http://koosjekoene.blogspot.ca Still crazy about her Draw Tip Tuesday videos.

1251863183437686362tag_svg_hi     http://www.needlenthread.com/ Her work amazes me. I wish I put forward her efforts on embroidery but, since I don’t, I’m enjoying hers. Lots of information offered up for those enmeshed in embroidery.


I’m not sitting in the bathroom painting pictures, I’m painting the bathroom. Just thought that needed clarifying. . .


  1. writeknit Said:

    Thanks for the shout out! ❤


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