The Moving Pen

.art journal pages   This past while I’ve been sketching a lot. Not great sketches. Not horrible ones either. Just sketches of what I’m seeing. The one thing it has taught me, is to really see what I’m looking at. To take a moment or two and notice the shadows. See the angle of the curves, and ask myself how deep are the creases that I see.

An added bonus, because I love to write (okay, babble) is now I can do both. The words I use to fill around or over the sketches remind me of what I was thinking,  smelling, or hearing, as I sketched and colored.

It’s so freaking satisfying!

I’ve accepted that I suck at automobiles, faces and animals but I know I’ll get there one day. Right now I am enjoying the sketching telephone wires, corners of buildings, the backside (as in backs not butts) of people. When I feel good at those I’ll practice on trees, water and the dreaded face. . .

I’ve been gathering bits of art supplies for a while now (translate that into years).  For years I swore by acrylics and pencils. Until I met and understood pens in art. And, within the last year or so I’ve been seduced by watercolors. How they can appear fragile yet be so strong. How they seem to carry their own brilliance inside of themselves.

Watercoloring has allowed me to make mistakes and be okay about it. And best of all, watercolor loves sketch work. And I love my pens!

What a joy!

I adore my aqua brushes. Maybe not so much the bottom three which came as a cheap trio. I’ve lost all three caps because they would not stay on (either end). Peckerheads!



Love this Ninja roll case for my watercolor (such fun to use) pencil crayons. I’ve just discovered Derwent’s Graphitint Watercolor pencils. OMG – are they cool or what? (The answer is YES)



Last Christmas Man-Wonder bought me a tin of watercolor crayons. They are as much fun to use now as wax crayons were when I was young . . .


. . . only I don’t eat them anymore.


And finally I found just the right bag. The ‘Solo’ brand computer bag from Staples works like a hot damn for packing it all in nice and tidy.



This bag works not only for me. Man-Wonder (the fisherman) took a shine to it too—works like a hot damn for him too!

012 009

Does that make us a duo on our Solos?




  1. writeknit Said:

    I love your artwork 🙂 The bag you found is perfect!


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