Talk About a Bird’s Eye View

orange chair    blue chair    Our favorite relaxing spot is behind our mobile, on a little stone patio  where our view is a trio of 4’x8’raised garden beds (fruits, herbs, and veggies). Behind the row of garden beds rises a small hillside of grass. Halfway up the hillside, runs an overhead powerline.

Sounds ugly right?

But it’s not.

The garden beds are painted a lovely shade of soft quiet green. Nasturtiums and sweet peas climb wire frames backing two of the beds. Buttercups scatter over the grass. There are flowering shrubs above us and on all sides (thank you neighbors)and there are plenty of towering firs and cedars here, there and everywhere.

Bees and hummingbirds love the flowering plants. Robins and mosquitoes love the dewy grass and the swallows love the mosquitoes. Quite often, while sitting on the back patio, we’ve felt the breeze of wings as they zip just overhead looping and swooping for the little blood-sucking buzzers.

Doves, purple finches, sparrows, rufus towhees, cow birds, red-wing black birds all take turns sitting on the power lines and checking things out. Owls, resting unseen in nearby towering cedars and firs, hoot to each other.

Baby birds, just learning to fly, sway on the tips of branches or huddle on the wires and yell endlessly for food. And we’ve learned to weed carefully around the rhubarb leaves and lady’s mantle lest we get a face full of exploding feathers and squawk because we’ve scared the bejesus out a hiding chick who hasn’t quite got the hang of flying yet.

We see plenty of wood ducks, herons, Canada geese and eagles flying by coming, or going, from the marsh on one side of the park to the estuary on the other.

But, the bird show to end all bird shows happened yesterday during our drive home from the north side of town. Four lanes of traffic alongside a large lake came to a standstill. At first we thought it was an accident until we saw a man stepping over the cement meridian between traffic lanes followed by a large bird with wings a flapping. Then another person crossed going the other way and he too was followed by a wing-flapping bird.

Turns out there were a handful of people helping two Canada geese and their gaggle of goslings cross the four lane highway to reach the lake. And during that entire scene not a single horn blew. Not a single soul yelled out in frustration. There was only total accepting silence. It was eye-watering beautiful!

Afterwards, with the geese safely in the lake, there was a barrage of small toots and a sea of thumbs up for those kind souls.

I’m so glad we were there . . . getting a bird’s eye view.



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