The Garden grow-ith and I collect-ith

The old black file cabinet turned solar dryer got a sweet new paint job this year. Soft sage green. Which I thought was too common so I added purple door knobs and white vents. I think the dryer felt the love too — it’s been outdoing itself this year.


Right now all there is inside is a rack of tarragon.


Hopefully, another week and I’ll have a good crop of spearmint to dry for winter teas. Oh yeah!

Also solar infused four jars of extra virgin olive oil with different ingredients: rose petals, plantain, lemon balm, and of course my standby — stinging nettle.

Trouble is I’ve forgotten why the stinging nettle infused oil was created. Somewhere I read something juicy about it, how good it was for something, but by the time I had the ‘how to’ done, I’d forgotten the ‘why’ part and now I can’t remember the ‘where it came from’ part either.

The brain just ain’t what it used to be. . . or maybe it never was . . . I can’t remember. . .

Seriously, I’ve never had much of a memory. I know I grew up. I know I came from a fair-sized family. I know I went to school, married and had a child and I know I exist today. But anything before high school (and not much there either) has long drifted away.

So, either I have a suckass memory,or my life has been totally and completely un-memorable.

I choose suckass.

Good thing I have two jars of tincture brewing: stinging nettle and elderberry flower. Maybe a daily shot of vodka-infused stinging nettle will shake up the fog bank. And if it doesn’t, well, after a hefty shot (or two), I won’t really care. . .will I?

sucking herbal tincture


  1. writeknit Said:

    Sweet solar dryer! I planted some lovely chocolate peppermint that smells heavenly. I was thinking of drying the leaves to make tea. How long do you dry them give or take a few hours? 🙂


    • Hey Writeknit
      Thanks – I’ll tell the dryer what you said.
      As to drying the leaves – depends on how or where you dry them, the temperature of drying etc etc. Best to check out the million and two ‘how to’ dry herbs articles online. Drying in a low *low* temp oven takes a very short time. Using a proper dehydrator is slightly longer and my dryer is the slow-mo of the bunch. It can take days to dry some leaves completely in the green machine!
      So, to answer you. . . I can’t. Sorry.
      BTW – I have some of the chocolate peppermint too – lovely stuff! And I’m always blown away by plants in the mint family and how their stems are square. Too cool!


  2. Hilarious look at your memory. Mine’s never been good either. Think my mind protects me from information overload. I also have no concept of time. Maybe we are just wafting through this time and space and it’s all irrelevant anyway. 🙂 I like the dryer. I’ll have to look back at your other posts to see how you made it and what you do with it.


    • This human experience probably is irrelevant so why take ourselves too serious eh?
      As to the file cabinet – can’t remember what I wrote about it before (fancy that — empty space where memory should be!)
      Here’s how:
      Remove the drawers from a two drawer file cabinet and hinge on a wooden (or metal) door to front. Inside, add shelf supports to side walls (we managed to squeeze in six screened racks).
      We cut out the drying frames from old peg board (anything will do). Then we had to cut out the center sections to staple in screening and presto — we had a solar dryer.
      One day we plan to make proper wooden frames to hold the screening. *snort*
      The classy purple door knobs catch an elastic cord to secure the door (don’t ask why I used two – I’m sure I had a good reason. . . )
      And remember – no matter how ugly something is – you can always pretty it up with paint!
      See – I just saved you a time-consuming hunt. Now you can copy these plans, file them safely away for the future ‘some day’ and, if you are anything like me, totally forget about them!

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      • Thanks so much for the directions. They will go in the file folder on my laptop. I’m adding this on my list of things to do. You know the one. It keeps getting longer, no matter how much you work. 🙂


      • All too well! 🙂


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