An energizing moment or two

41yRoaJEgiL__AA160_I have been reading Pam Grout’s book—a manual to guide the reader through nine do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality. None of the experiments are expensive. Or suppose to take long.

*Snort*  she obviously didn’t try her experiments during a heat wave.

Three weeks ago I finished experiment #2 and that’s where things bogged down because to do experiment #3 one needs two wire coat-hangers. Crap on a stick! Finding wire hangers turned out to be like hunting for a rotary dial phone.

But, I did find one—hiding in the back of the closet holding up a piece of clothing that will never see the light of day again. One down, one to find. I asked my neighbor to the left. She laughed. So I turned to the right-side neighbor. She looked puzzled but then thought she might have one. Somewhere. It took a day of hunting but she managed to find one for me.


Only, remember the above mentioned heat wave? I’m living proof that during a heat wave, brain cells melt because I put those hangers down somewhere and immediately forgot about them. Worse still, I forgot about Pam’s book too!

Until yesterday at exactly 3:15 a.m. And, as soon as the memory popped into consciousness I jumped up (in slo mo) and after gathering up book and wire hangers, proceeded to the far end of the mobile where I followed Pam’s instructions on constructing a pair of energy dowsing rods.

Step one: With the rods held out a short distance at chest height you wait until the wires stop winging about like a couple of drunk noodles. Once they are settled you need to recall some nasty memory; a negative, drag-down, pull-out-your-heart scene and let it flow over you as you watch the rods.

For me, the rods pulled inward to form a tight cross over—Picture the crossed arms of a grumpy atheist, upon answering her doorbell, and finding a catholic priest on her porch.

Step two: Conjure up a wonderful, joy-packing, bliss-bringing memory from the past and watch the action again. For me, the rods pulled far far apart—imagine a mother standing on her porch as she watches her long-gone son or daughter returning and picture her arms swinging wide for that all encompassing  hug. Yeah! The swing open was THAT wide.

Huh—who knew energy could be so . . . energizing!





  1. writeknit Said:

    ow Zen! Hope you weren’t close to any water pipes 🙂


  2. I’ve got 3 of her books but haven’t done the experiments. That’s how far behind I am. We are at triple digits here too and yes brain cells melt. Especially in the Pacific NW where they are rare. We’ve had over a month of intense heat so I’m getting NOTHING done. Pam writes a fun book though. 🙂 You cracked me up with this one.


    • Wait! Wait! Brain cells are rare here in the Pacific NW? Or heat waves? Or both? hehehe That’s a loaded question eh?


      • In my neighborhood, both. 😦 We’ve broken all the records for heat and I have no brain cells left. Good thing my son reads my posts before I publish them or who knows what you will find. 😦


      • You gave me a good giggle with your comment. Thanks and don’t worry it – when the heat hits everyone’s brain cells take a hike. Heck, just go for a drive – you’ll see dead brain cells driving everywhere!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I see that no matter the weather. 😉


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