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We are running out of soap.

And even though I have been buying hand soap and creams locally from Sharlene, a creative genius, at  the urge to make my own bars of soap has been growing so I decided to give it a try again. I did learn about making soap years ago at a local herb farm but decided it was too much work until recently when I figured out that I didn’t have to make 40 bar batches.

But, let’s not call me slow okay.

Still, there was the burning issue of working with lye and since I tend to rush in and clumse (new word) about, the thought was unnerving me. I decided to ease myself into it and started out by making a hand lotion. Orange-scented jojoba oil lotion to be precise.

Oh my! It goes on like silk and soaks into the skin like magic. The orange scent is  yah-okay. I would prefer something with more oomph. Something more exotic. Maybe a deep lusty scent to bring out the beast in dear old Man-Wonder.

*Snort*. . . . okay, maybe just beef up the pussycat in him. (Good thing he never reads these blogs.)

Anyway, Man-Wonder, more to shut me up than anything, made  a delightful soap mold for me from an old pine shelf unit he was dismantling.

IMG_2106  Hinged the sides for easy removal.


Then I gave it a one-sided paint job and, using my super skills at sewing, whipped up two elastic straps (first photo) to hold the sides and lid tight during those first 24 hours.


Still, I was hesitating about making the soap, even with Man-Wonder now giving me the stinkeye until I spent more time (to the point of burning eyeballs) online watching videos and reading articles on how-to before I screwed up the courage to make a small batch.

It turned out surprisingly well during the saponification stage (look Ma – no lye burns or exploding volcanoes). It poured into the mold nicely. And even though it killed me to do so, I covered it up, tucked a small quilt around it and left it be for twenty-four hours to solid up. Then, with great delight because it was looking so normal, I cut into bars.


Which are now sitting on a shelf in our closet curing for the next four-six (oh hell, let’s say five) weeks.

Mind you—I am keeping the step-stool in the closet so I can climb up to smile down at them and I gotta’ say—this waiting period is going to be tough. Waiting isn’t one of my strong points.


Like, not uncovering the soap during those first crucial twenty-four hours.

Yeah. No. I peeked.

For shame I know, but, in my own defense—it was just a super-sonic, one-eyed peek before snapping the quilt back around the soap box. And it didn’t hurt the process one bit. . . . I hope.

Want to make soap? Here’s a few juicy sites to check out:


  1. You are cracking me up here. I can barely get up the energy to use the soap to wash with, much less make it. I did by some from Tasmania from fellow bloggers. I’ve just started using it and love it. I think it may be made with goats milk or some such thing. I already have too many projects to start one more. But I’ll be waiting to hear how your little dears weather their nap in the quilt. 🙂


    • THe little darlings have thrown off their quilt and are standing like naked little soldier bars in the closet! Does that make me a pervert because I keep grabbing one of them to fondle it and sniff it?
      Sorry – that was my dirty little monkey mind at work there. I will keep you posted. 🙂

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  2. writeknit Said:

    I love the soap box & didn’t know you made soap! I made a simple batch of soap in the spring and love it. I want to branch out but need to wait until fall. Maybe I can talk hubby into make a great box like Man-Wonder did, it looks perfect.

    What scent did you use on this batch?


    • Hey Writeknit

      It was supposed to be just sandalwood by request of Man-Wonder but, not being one to settle for ‘just’, I quietly added a little rose and a little lavender. The recipe called for one teaspoon of scent for this small batch (I cut 12 bars) but honestly, it’s not smelly enough. I think I’ll be encouraging both husband and self to bath three times a day or more so we can hustle through this batch and I can try another one! Or maybe I’ll just accidently keep falling in the garden. . .

      When you made your batch – how big was it? And did you use scent? How much? Or did you go scentless? (that’s pretty close to senseless eh?) 🙂


      • writeknit Said:

        Mine was a super small batch of lemon. I used molds and got 8 small cakes. I added twice the amount of lemon essential oil but it still doesn’t smell lemony enough for me. On the up side it is great to use in the kitchen, the lemon gets garlic and onion smell off my hands when l am cooking 🙂


      • Lemon would be a nice refreshing scent especially in the kitchen. Smart chickie! But you did double the scent and still didn’t find it strong. Curious. I do believe more research is needed. Good thing I requested five different books on soapmaking and other herbal thingys from the library!


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