Feeling the ‘ick’ factor

Okay, I confess, I’ve been testing the soap made a week ago.

I ran out of patience and the twice-daily looky-sees weren’t cutting it so I snuck down one of the smaller squares. Yeah, Man-Wonder has been on my case about it but I don’t care because, even at one week old, the soap is nice. It’s creamy and soft to the hands—which was all I was willing to risk for the first day or so.

Just in case. . .And, when no fingers burnt up or fell off, I charged in and washed my all-overs. Nice. Nice enough to begin researching out the next batch.

But, until the soap-curing shelf space is available, I’ve been concocting other types of soap—like foaming hand soap—which is so OMG-osh easy I was finished before I’d barely  started.

Then I remembered the comments posted over last week’s blog by writeknit about how she liked her lemon-scented bars of soap for her kitchen and that led me to thinking about dish soap. In the end I followed a lemon-cinnamon scented liquid dish soap recipe and again—easy-peasy. And at first, I was impressed with the sudsing it produced.

That lasted about two minutes – roughly how long the suds lasted.

Without suds I was hands deep in foggy water and staring down at the many, many bits of mealtime flotsam and jetsam twirling amongst the silverware and plates. I admit I was rating the ‘ick’ factor fairly high. Until I thought about it. I mean, I was staring at what has always been there, only I hadn’t seen it before. Now, without suds, I was able to judge when to change the water, or if it needed changing. Nothing was hidden under a pillow of white suds.

It’s kind of like slapping on a thick layer of makeup to hide the wrinkles; or turning underwear inside out for another day—it doesn’t work; it’s not healthy; and the only person it fools it the one doing it.

So what did I learn this week? Suds, wrinkles in ridges and non-reversible reversed underwear. . .all filed under ick label.

. . . Another day, another learning curve. . .



  1. writeknit Said:

    Foaming hand soap and dish soap? You have turned into a one woman soap shop. Excellent! I am going to branch out to lip balm and sugar scrub. 🙂


    • I was holding off on the lip balm because if it tastes good, dear Man-Wonder will just eat it up like candy. . . only don’t tell him I said that. Dear, dear man that he is.
      As for the sugar scrub? I won’t make that at all. He’s diabetic . . (Reread the above).


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