Pssssst. . . . wanna’ buy a cheap recipe binder?

Okay, one final comment on soap making. After using a small bar for a week I recently read how one can test a batch to see if it’s ready. All you need are PH strips, shaved soap, hot water and a reading of between 8 and 10 on the strip. My bars are at 7. . .




Meanwhile, because I enjoy reading the Cook’s Illustrated magazine, I was thrilled to learn they had a cookbook  so I requested a copy from the library.  .

cooks illustratedHoly Crap on a crayon—talk about a behemoth of a book! I should have read the fine print at the bottom of the cover —where it said 2,000 recipes from 20 years. . .

Opening this cookbook is like walking into an oversized big box store without a list and standing there staring at what must be twenty-five aisles and each one is a mile long.

Where to start??

But, once you get the mojo moving, you realize there are sooo many things you didn’t know existed until you saw them. And, because the child in us is never far away, every recipe in the book is like a bag of candy.

The thing with recipes is I tend to collect them. Sometimes when I’m hungry reading recipes is as good as eating. Sometimes, when it’s time to cook a meal, and I haven’t a freaking clue what to cook, I hunt recipes, and sometimes I come across a recipe that is so off-the-wall I simply have to save it. Doesn’t matter if I have to hike into deep woods to kill something, or gather buried roots—when I’m in a ‘mood’ I believe I might just do that.

In other words — I gather recipes to my bosom like a shiny new baby.

And, that’s why the over-grown king-sized binder holding my recipes recently threw its locking rings wide open like a cowboy leaping on a horse and dumped the roughly six trillion plastic sleeves (each containing at least four recipes) across our slippery ceramic tiled floor. As I watched the ocean of pages sliding in all directions like greased bananas I knew it was time to get ruthless with them. Time to cull the beast!  But first—that beautiful cook book had to go back to the library. I have to go cold turkey. NO. MORE. RECIPES. At least until the binder beast is under control.

So, hey — if you see the Cooks Illustrated book please give it a cuddle for me. And, whatever you do, don’t try to pick it up by yourself . . .


  1. Hi there, just wanted to mention, I loved this post.
    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!


  2. writeknit Said:

    I am too lazy to look for a recipe other than old family recipes that are in one sort of neat journal type book. I just use pinterest most of the time. But that doesn’t stop me from cutting them out and leaving them all over. LOL 🙂


    • I usually print them out before I stuff them into the front of the binder to be sorted ‘one day’. And , heaven knows I use up (okay-waste) way too much printer ink on those ‘maybes-but-most-likely-nots’.
      But, listen since it’s apple season, and my generous neighbor gave me like six zillion pounds of apples, I did hunt down an apple pie recipe online ( )called ‘Grandma Ople’s Apple Pie’ and while it was truly delicious – I don’t think Grandma Ople had real teeth. The first bite was barely past my lips when my teeth started screaming to spit it out. . . (I never listen to my teeth – until whatever it is hits my stomach and starts bubbling and stomping — a sure sign I need to back up and apologize to my teeth.
      Maybe I should just give up baking. . . 😦

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  3. Isn’t it funny how we are about our books. A cookbook is the very last book in the whole bookstore I’d pick up. No scratch that, it’s probably something about sports that would never get in my cart. I’ll buy cookbooks for others but just send me the menus for all the neighborhood restaurants. I can cook, I just can’t taste very well. My sign says the only reason I have a kitchen is because it came with the house. I promise I’ll never lift that heavy cookbook at all, much less by myself. Now, if you want to come cook for me, I’ll turn the pages. :)))


    • Hah!
      I like to collect recipes because reading them and daydreaming is great fun. First I run through the list of ingredients, figuring out how many I have on hand or how hard it would be to gather them up. Next I picture myself creating the masterpiece — how it will look and taste.
      Then comes the reality portion of my daydream — how long it will last on the plate plus the disaster left to clean up. . . and then, more often than we should, we’ll have a salad, or sandwich, or go to a restaurant. But, I do like to collect recipes 🙂

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      • There are a few that I like to make as well. My niece’s significant other, will go miles for my rice pilaf. Most everyone loves my spaghetti sauce or noodle ring. My son will eat my lentil soup for breakfast. I used to cook… a lot, in large quantities for everyone that came by. Somewhere along the line the fun went out of it. Maybe I’m just getting old. 🙂 I like how you IMAGINE it first. That’s what would make a good cook. And taste buds, you must have taste buds. :))


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