Goodbye summer, hello fall.

imagesMB6PPO62 has arrived with its days of color and nights of cool. It’s giving us scattered days of rain showers after months of dry, dry and more dry. Vegetation is coming back for one last fling of energy and color.

It’s a time of cooling down and reflection.

Yesterday, while sitting on the sun porch, feeling a teasing warm breeze floating past made me put my pages down, lean back and drift on memories of summer. Hot days melting together, just like when we were young and our summers felt endless.


This past summer felt like it was on slow dial. The heat settling over us like jelly, slowing our steps and minds. Looong summer days, filled with hot, dusty air, full-of-life neighborhood noises (which is good in a ‘over 55’ park), barking dogs, lawnmowers, people stopping to talk, barbeques burning food.

Days, where, in the late afternoon the small grassy hillside out back called and I couldn’t help but sprawl on the grass and watch clouds drifting by (and remembering to twitch now and then so any one looking out of a windows knew I was still alive).

Some early evenings I’d be joined by my friend from next door and we’d sit on the lawn, chatting about everything and nothing until it was too dark to see the other’s face.

Or waking every morning to throw open the doors and windows. Such a joy even if I did whine now and then, (okay regularly) about the hot, hot, hot midday temps.  Even though this summer was a smoldering heat wave of change for us here on the west coast, it became jammed full of pleasant memories which will get us through the looong short days of winter.

But, before the grayness of winter drops over us, autumn is here, begging to be savored.


On another note—here’s a site I’m still having fun with —





  1. writeknit Said:

    While fall is my favorite time of year, I will miss the sweet taste of fresh picked, sun warmed heirloom tomatoes with dinner. Loved your post 🙂


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