Lazy Days

There hasn’t been a whole lot happening around here; other than we began The Plan on October one after weekly reports from our neighbors as they worked their way through it. Weight loss and a kissing goodbye to half his medications for diabetes and all of her high blood pressure medication.

the plan

The Plan, created by Lyn-Genet Recitas, is a way of eating to better understand your body and its reactions. You start off with a three-day cleanse—but a very mild, filling kind of cleanse.

And believe me, it cleanses! I felt like I had a low dose of flu for almost seven days as my body detoxed. Did I mention there is a lot of greens in this plan? Try facing saute, raw or steamed greens with a queasy stomach. . .not for sissies!

You begin by following her plan of the least reactive foods and each day, or every other day, add one new type of food to the diet. This allows you to see and feel how your body is reacting to a certain food.

So far my blood pressure has dropped from the mid 140s to an  average 110-115. Getting off blood pressure medicine is my goal (losing weight a big bonus). Man-Wonder is watching his blood sugar numbers slowly drop too. And both of us feel so much easier in the joints and the mind.


But, as with any high part, there is a low part. I have never prepared so many meals so religiously and washed so many freaking dishes!

On another note:

walking home

Just finished Sonia Choquette’s book—Walking Home. It’s about her life falling apart and how she took a walk to think things clear. An 800 kilometer (500 miles) walk. She walked the Camino de Santiago trek over the Pyrenees and northern Spain.

I couldn’t stop reading it which means I finished it waaaay before I was ready to. Reading it made my soul ache to cleanse the way hers had by the end. Excellent book.

And finally,


we went to the movies last night and saw The Martian with Matt Damon. We left the theatre feeling thoroughly entertained.

It’s all good stuff eh . . .

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  1. writeknit Said:

    Good for you. It is hard work eating healthy, keep up the good work 🙂


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