Autumn Holiday

We are home after another short (ten days) road trip to and along the  Sunshine Coast, and a stay with relatives.


A ferry ride from Nanaimo to Vancouver’s Horseshoe Bay, followed by a highway loop around to catch another ferry from Horseshoe Bay to the Sunshine Coast’s Langdale, were a delight for the senses thanks to typical BC coast weather. Moody blue, gray, and soft lavender-hued mountains draped in ribbons of thick white clouds.

moody west coast

moody west coast

The Sunshine Coast is a twisting winding ride along the edge of the Strait of Georgia with Vancouver Island as the view. The cabin where we stayed was directly across from home so, like last time, we did a lot of waving to us. . .

This trip we toured the Pender Harbour area—which included Madeira Park, Garden Bay, Irvings Landing and, after crossing a three-second bridge, Beaver Island.

Man oh man—it is a place I would move in a heartbeat. No matter where you drive you are treated to views of tiny coves and inlets, fishing boats moored and homes from the ridiculously-huge to the less-than-elbow-room cabins hugging the shores. Lovely!

008 inlet



Near the end of our holiday, during another day of sunshine (there weren’t that many), we found this delightful park close by. It’s  the Cliff Gilker Park and it’s a delight despite the bear and coyote pack sightings posted.

035 039

I confess, I carried a mucking big umbrella to razzle, dazzle any wild beasties I might run into to.


Which we didn’t . . .They must have sensed the danger aura I carried.


Another thing I discovered on this holiday—aside from the fact that Man-Wonder has a teeny-tiny bladder is that he’s really, really thoughtful. I mean, what else would you call someone has enough foresight to face away from a fire hydrant lest he confuse any poor sniffing dogs. . .

007 Like I said—that’s why I call him Man-Wonder!

Great as the holiday was, I believe the most delightful part might well be the sound of the key unlocking your own door at the end of it. . .

Home sweet home.



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