Bonjour, Mon Ami!

Life has been quiet lately.


About the most exciting thing we’ve done is to discover Hercule Poirot on Netflix. And with twelve seasons to watch, we’ve been giving it our best attention.

. . . Too much maybe?

The other day I was deep in calculations for a project when Man-Wonder came in and wanted to know what I was doing (mostly because I was being quiet and he was getting nervous). I taped the side of my head and said, “Mon ami—it is the brain, the little gray cells, on which one must rely.”

He made a fast exit. Which I liked. So I was thinking about the next time he annoys me. Which won’t be long. Given that the long, dark, cold-rain seasons are upon us—which means we will be hanging about in each other’s space waaaayyy too often—I’ve decided to have a few more quotes in my ‘Ready Aim Fire’ arsenal.

Like when he really, really pisses me off I’m going to tap the side of my nose and say,’ “I enrage myself with an imbecile. I say, ‘I would like to kick him.’ Instead I kick the table. I say, ‘This table, it is the imbecile, I kick him so.” ‘

Or when he acts like a goon I’ll be ready with,

‘ “Eh bien, you are crazy, or appear crazy, or you think you are crazy, and possibly you may be crazy.” ‘

Or, when I do something daft (yeah, it does happen), I shall simply say, ‘ “I demand of you a thousand pardons, monsieur.” ‘

So let it rain, let it hail, let it snow, this chickie is armed and dangerous, thanks to one little egg-headed Belgium detective.





I wonder if it’s time to find another show to OD on. . .?


  1. That was my problem, I wasn’t pre-armed! I hated winter when I was married. I have not heard of that series as I did not have previously have Netflix. My son has it and he’s here and I once again need to be armed. It’s a man thing, I think. I loved the series Rosemary and Thyme. Don’t know if it’s on OD. Also did a mini marathon while recuperating of Midsommer Murders. They can be addictive. Have a great weekend. 🙂


    • Too true about those kind of shows being additive. I’d forgotten all about Rosemary and Thyme. Loved it. Same with Midsomer Murders. I think we watched the 15 seasons Netflix has twice/maybe three times before we just couldn’t watch them again without lipsyncing. If you haven’t seen Foyle’s War – that’s another Excellent British whodunit series.
      Gee. . . not that we watch much Netflix!

      Liked by 1 person

      • 🙂 I’ll look for that series when I have time to watch again.


  2. writeknit Said:

    I too love that crazy detective 🙂 Your hubby comments are priceless.


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