Cleaning up my drawers in 2016

So, okay, I’m doing the same thing six gazillion other humans are. I’m de-cluttering. Again. And I’ve gotten one file cabinet drawer sort of sorted out.

I knew tackling that drawer first was a mistake but I could hear those used and abused books calling me. Softly. Lovingly. Yoo-hooing in sweet, dulcet tones until I couldn’t ignore them. Look at us. Hold us. Read us. Run your hands over our cracked spines and remember. . .

That drawer was tough to open. I had to keep pushing down the heaps of old drawing journals, sketchbooks and doodle pads mingling with the piles of ‘daily’ notebooks. You know the kind—where you write the date followed by a list of things to accomplish that day followed by criss-crossy Xs and scribbled notes on why you didn’t get around to doing them. The next dated page lists the not-dones plus a few new hopefuls. . . and so on.

That drawer also holds a mess of books brimming with quotes I couldn’t let pass by. And there lies my biggest (okay, aside from me personally) problem. I love quotes. They’re little jewels, polished, sparkly and like magnets to my crow-brain. They need to be savored, pondered over, smiled at, or held in loving derision. And some just make my brain buzz.

Here’s a few worth sharing (or re-sharing):


Dear future,

Please save me a place.

Thank you


Isn’t life just the perfect thing to pass the time with?


You know—sometimes I love myself so much, I could just kiss me.


The things I overhear when talking to myself


Have no fear of perfection—you’ll never reach it


Time passes and we say ‘Where’d it go?’

But that’s wrong because time stays—It’s us who goes.


Stop rushing about long enough to ask yourself if you’re actually going anywhere.


Aspire to inspire before you expire


Death whispers in my ear, “Live, for I am coming.”


Dear Diary,

When I woke up this morning, I didn’t expect to be this awesome.

Love Me


I can be changed by the past but I refuse to be reduced by it.


I plan on living forever

Hey! So far—so good!


And since I found two empty spaces inside the one front cover, here are the latest two to my collection:

“I’m an undisciplined, chronic procrastinator who loves finding loopholes in self-imposed rules.”  ~ Ben Huberman

(I think he and I may have been separated at birth.)


And  let’s close with this description of lovemaking between oldsters,

‘The Saggy Bagpuss Squish’

‘Nuff said eh?











  1. What a great start to the day! We are kindred spirits. I love quotes too and have them everywhere. I dare you to find the refrigerator handle. 🙂 Those you have listed here are wonderful and some quite funny. Think I may borrow them if that’s ok? 🙂 I may be your triplet to Ben. Undisciplined Procrastination just about sums it up. 😦 I’ll try to clean out the drawers…next year maybe. Have a great new year!!!


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