Purple hairy sunshine

Yech. Grey days filled with sheets of pelting rain. Go for coffee and drive past the same old grey trees, grey sidewalks, and gray buildings. Sit inside and see the same old faces sprouting the same old complaints. Everyone’s mind slowing mushing like the world outside.

But wait, this isn’t a complaining blog. It’s a tale (tail?) of driving sunshine!

When we first heard the rumbles, followed by long low drawn-out scraping sounds, we looked at each other.  OMG, was this the big one everyone’s been waiting for? Were the tectonic plates beneath us shifting?  We could feel the rumbling growling vibrations getting stronger beneath our feet when suddenly Man-Wonder chuckled. I did the eyebrow rise. He said, “John.”

Sure enough, coming around the corner, was my son in his recently-acquired, low-riding, purple ’64 Mercury Meteor. And I swear the neighbor across the way was in need of a Kleenex to catch the drool as he ogled the beastie parking at the curb.

Now, lest you think this is a tale of cars, think again.

It’s more about the two hairy passengers in the backseat, Jax and Diablo (who definitely needed drool rags) and the two in the front, son John and grandson Aries (who didn’t). Usually, when the dogs are in the car they stay in the car.

Unless Grandma has anything to say about it. We have dog cookies!

However, first there was the tussle on the sunporch when Jax, a very muscular Pitty/Ridgeback cross, decided the three steps up were too fearful to climb and had to be muscled in. Meanwhile, someone had to nab Diablo before he made it inside because he’s a territorial marker (aka Mr.P). Inside or out — doesn’t matter to Diablo.  I think it’s his own clever way of making sure he’s held on a lap the entire visit.

But that leaves Jax confused because he firmly believes he’s a lap dog too, and other than his large size, there’s another really good reason Jax isn’t a good lap dog — he’s a shedder of major proportions. We are talking Niagara Falls hair loss here. I was wearing a black sweater and corduroy pants and by the time they left I looked like an over-sized hair lollipop.

But, you know, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Not only were we licked and slobbered over (by the dogs), we had a wonderful visit with John and Aries.

So — yeah for purple cars, big dogs with little attitudes, little dogs with big attitudes, and family.

Makes a grey day feel positively beach-like!


  1. writeknit Said:

    Gotta love the fur grandbabies 🙂


  2. That’s hilarious and a wonderful way to scoot out a gray day and make it feel like purple sunshine. :)) Now I’m smiling too as we haven’t seen the sun in ages here in Portland, OR. You know the drill here. Rain and wind followed by more rain and wind then spring rain and wind and drought all summer.


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