Loop-y Path to Clarity



Because of the constant rain this past month, walking hasn’t happened much. Only twice have we made it to the red cinder track behind the high school.

Funny, I never thought I’d enjoy walking an endless loop like that but I do. For two reasons—my feet love the give of the rubbery red cinder surface and It’s like a loose loopy labyrinth—you walk until you stop.

The first loop is when you pay attention to what’s going on. Traffic beyond the track. Inhaling the sweet of the birch trees on the hillside close by. Greeting others using the track and making sure the marked lane you’ve picked is empty. And then there are the rabbits. Of every color and size and personality. All busy doing their rabbity stuff on the grasses surrounding the track.

But something happens near the start of the second lap round. Everything beyond your two lanes disappears and it’s as if you two are the only ones. At least until the body, or Man-Wonder’s handy dandy lap clicker, tells you you are done.

Sometimes we talk. We pull out the things prickling us, throwing them back and forth until either a solution is agreed upon or our tongues bleed. Other times, we fall into silence. Happy to just walk — him in his lane; me in mine.

In that silence you can feel each foot striking the ground and you fall into a rhythm. The unravelling of knots in your lower spine allows a deeper swing of the hips, a stronger stride and you are grateful for the grace of walking well.And, at this time of year, as the wind nibbles at your cheek,  a sense of Ahhhhh spreads because you’ve recognised that tiny hint of warmth under the chill. Spring is tiptoeing in and suddenly you are feeling more than just okay. You are alive. Life is good.

Does it get any better?


And isn’t it funny how a boring endless loop can help straighten out one’s mind.


  1. writeknit Said:

    Very Zen. I’m loving the thought of this quiet time outside.


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