Time to say adios to indoor interests for now

watching tv

Now that the clouds have finally emptied themselves and are off somewhere refilling it’s time to stop borrowing DVDs from the library.

One soggy Sunday we sat down to five 51rF+CFfMRL__AA160_ Inspector Lynley Mysteries. Good murderous attention-sucking plots thanks to fantastic acting. Inspector Lynley is an upper-crust-drop-out brilliant moron of a character who makes you want to kick him as you cheer him on. His sidekick, Havers, is a terrier-gone-amok-in-a-nest-of-criminals type character. Havers is one character who makes me itch watching her. I just want to reach in there and give her head a good shampoo. And if that’s as bad as I can say about them I say the series is worth watching when the sun disappears.

Another DVD we thoroughly enjoyed was  510Rbb6mqcL__AA160_.jpg   Shakespeare Retold. Not sure why we agreed to watch these four Shakespeare adaptations but I am so glad we did. They were brilliant. Old tales in today’s times. Macbeth was the dark one of the four — calling it a bloodbath would be gentle. The others were lighthearted, humorous and definitely odd-ish. Worth watching if the chance arises.

smiley face reading book To other mystical things.

Almost finished reading Matt Kaplan’s  61vViCkXmbL__SX329_BO1,204,203,200_   Science of the Magical – a scientific study from the Holy Grail to Love Potions to Superpowers. It rather kicks the world of fairies, spirits and legends in the ass. But in a good, solid, scientific way. Fascinating read.

And, because it is spring, it’s time to step away from the overload of whodunit books and movies and get outside. There are dandelions and stinging nettles to find and harvest for my herb-y creations. Plus I discovered a gardening book by Bill Terry called The Carefree Garden (letting Nature play her part). It’s a study in working with Mother Nature instead of trying to send her screaming into the night.

Man-Wonder, bless his sweet heart, has finished building our two new Adirondack chairs. They are in the painting process and then they take center stage out back.


Look out summer!

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