More Freaking Learning Curves

You know, I figured eventually I’d quit having those ‘awkward’ phases. But it seems like I’m not quite finished yet. So I thought I’d share my latest gleamed bits of wisdom.


Taking a break during a bike ride? Failure to make sure the bike kickstand is on solid ground will result in the bike falling over (not the bit of wisdom). When you re-stand the bike, make sure you check that the front wheel is facing the right direction (yeah – that’s the bit). Because there is nothing quite like jumping back on your bike, pushing on the pedals and finding yourself almost tossed over the handlebars! It took me two attempts before I clued in and realized the front wheel was trying to run into the rest of the bike.

But the worst part was realizing Man-Wonder was watching that performance.

The final piece of advice from that adventure? Don’t wear thin yoga pants if the plan is to wade through stinging nettles. Trust me — it leaves a real special feeling for a day or two. . .

If that had been the end to my recent awkwardness, it wouldn’t have been so bad but fast forward two days — to where I decide to wander outside wearing Man-Wonder’s slippers instead of mine (pure laziness—his were there, mine were in the closet ). Of course I ended up tripping, and as I fell backwards into one of our flower beds, I’m pretty sure my arms and legs were whipping about like a windmill in a storm and some god-awful goosy noises were shooting out of my mouth.

All I could think about was that I was about to land smack on a perennial I’d been waiting two years to see bloom and that this year there were three buds on it. I think I barely hit the soil before Man-Wonder was yelling, “You okay? You okay?” and trying to figure out the best part to grab and lift. So not only was I struggling to get up but I was also trying to swat his grabby hands away.

That, naturally, attracted the attention of the neighbours across the street. When they spot me rolling around like a walrus on a slick dock and Man-Wonder flapping like a demented seagull, they ran to their railings, coffee in hand, to watch.

Oy Vey!

. . .Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just !cid_D1D57C02-A775-44AB-B9E6-BE412DA87BBC  when we do something daft . . . And why is there always an audience?

(And, no, I didn’t kill any plants—yah!)


  1. writeknit Said:

    Fun like this screams for an audience – glad your neighbors could appreciate your acrobatics. Seriously happy you aren’t hurt and because you are ok it IS a little bit funny 🙂


  2. I’m not allowed on a bicycle and I think I’d end up like you if I were on one. Yes, there is always an audience. The more foolish we look, the larger the audience. You made me smile at the vision of it all. Sorry. 😦


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