Charmed to Death

You know, most of my life I’ve battled some level of being overweight. Battled — won some battles, lost others. It’s said that fat is unhealthy. Yet, I’m healthy. According to the doctor. Which makes fat-busting even harder. Frustrating. Irritating, Disheartening.

Until the other night. There I was, lying in bed, in one of those bliss-like states, where the brain drifts about like seaweed beneath ocean waves, when my mind took a sharp right into the world of quantum physics. I was seeing how all things are nothing more, or less, than masses of vibrating energy. Our bodies, our cells,  even our thoughts = vibrating energy. That old expression, ‘I think, therefore I are’ took on a whole new level of meaning in the convoluted mess mass that is my brain.

I saw myself struggling against myself in diet. I realized that every time I thought about getting shed of my fat cells, every time I was preparing myself to fight, those little squishy yellow pillows of fat were girding themselves for battle. I wanted them gone and they sensed annihilation. Energy reacting to energy.

Which means that, at the very moment I decide to diet, I may as well go bang my head against a wall!

But what if I decide to love each one of those little buggers? What if — I make a habit of throwing mental hugs and kisses at every one of my fat cells. Continually. Keep them in such a blissful state of mind they won’t realize I’m leading them down the road to extinction. In other words, charm them to death! I’ll even throw in a handful of Ju-jubes once in a while just to keep them off guard.

The time to put action to the words of one of my favorite quotes is upon me.

You know—sometimes I love myself so much, I could just kiss me’.


  1. Perfect timing for this. I’m a quantum physics fan and know it’s all in my thoughts. Just couldn’t figure out how to arrange the thoughts to give my body a break from the rolls of fat around the heart. I know it needs to go and the body is yelling loudly. Save me, save me!! I’ve dieted for almost 55 years. Still trying to lose that ever encroaching padding. Tapping, hypnosis, therapy, all have failed me. Where is the magic spell? Now that the last half loaf of cranberry walnut bread with orange ginger marmalade are gone, I’ll start the next diet till noon. 😦 If you get results from loving those little fat, fluffy cells, let me know. I’ll try anything.


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