What I’ve had my nose buried in lately

There is a little book called The Hidden Life of Trees. Written by Peter Wohlleben.


Yep. A whole book just about trees. It’s quirky when you realize that a tree was used to make the book but, if I was a tree, I’d have given my life proudly for the wisdom within those pages. What a fascinating educational study this author has gifted to us. His quiet humour roots through his words. Here’s an example of a few of his chapter headings:

  • Street Kids
  • Community Housing Projects
  • The Language of Trees
  • Tree School
  • In the realm of darkness
  • Burn out

I know I will never look at a tree in the same way nor will I ever walk into a forest in the same careless way. Within a forest, hell, within a tree, there is such an amazing world of diversity. Only with a much slower heartbeat. There is an urgent reason for our species to lighten our footprint upon this earth and, as far as the world of trees is concerned, Peter has done a remarkable job of showing us why.

Peter has an easy going style of writing and he pulls you in to the world of each tree. You almost expect them to talk. They do — only not in ways that we can hear.


I believe this book should be mandatory reading for EVERY school child. And, if we could figure out a way to get each adult to read it, so much the better. This was one of those books I hated to put down and really hated to finish it.



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