Love is . . .

Boy, it’s been awhile! My new (okay, maybe five months is not so new anymore) ‘crazy job’ has been draining my energy faster than the battery in my smart phone. But thanks to a wonderful four days off (in a row!) some energy has leaked back in.

The first day I woke up revved and the hobby room was torn apart and put back together in a much nicer way. Day two I rested the aching muscles while reading two whodunits. Day three was washing floors, laundry and baking (I won’t count the soup I made that turned out so disgusting). Day four (today) was for more reading while I rested the new sore muscles (who knew there were so many freaking muscles in the body?). I also realized how much I’ve missed writing. So while spitting out bugs (see below) and catching a couple of smiles from Man-Wonder I decided to write my version of what love is.

. . . you see we recently celebrated our 21st (or 221st as dear Man-Wonder is prone to say) and here’s hoping the next 200 are as rare and ripe as the first.

LOVE IS. . .

  • Him still offering his arm to me when walking along the street. Love is understanding that the level ground arm offer is good manners. The heading-uphill arm offer is his way of making sure I make it! (And is it rather more polite than his first 20 years of uphill help which was dashing behind me, grabbing a handful of butt and yelling “git ‘er going hun”).


  • Me willing to sit amidst a thick cloud of midges (harmless he calls them — not-so-tasty I call them when I forget to keep my mouth shut) while he practices his fly-fishing casts from shore.


  • After years and years of marriage, both of us realizing, at the same moment, how daft our argument is and busting out laughing instead.


  •  Him telling me I’m beautiful, and me not telling him he needs to either have his eyes or brain examined.

. . . In other words, love is finding the best friend in each other and remembering to honor that.

Ciao for now from the West Coast







  1. writeknit Said:

    What a sweet post 🙂


  2. Glad you found that bit of energy and had a wonderful anniversary. Many people have the anniversary’s but don’t still like each other. You obviously still do. Your bullet points make me laugh. Looks like you need more of those days off. 🙂


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