My, my, my — how we have changed.

One of my son’s ex-partners saw a picture of me, in my early twenties, and said, “Wow! You were really hot once.”

Sad bastard eh? Did I mention how grateful I am she is now his ex?

Any way this hot-ness (or lack of) memory popped up thanks to a recent conversation where a young co-worker saw my wedding ring and exclaimed, “Cathie, I’ve never seen you wear your ring before. Why not?”

“I’m fat.”


“No, really, haven’t you noticed? And, being fat, I overheat easy and, when I overheat, I puff up like an excited puffer fish. Ergo — no ring.”

She shook her head. Then, after giving me the once over, said, ” I bet you were hot when you were young.”

“Oh yeah.” I nodded, agreeing with her. “I overheated real easy back then too.

She shook her head and rolled her eyes. (Just like my son used to do when he was a teenager.)

“Oh . . . you meant THAT kind of HOT . . . . . .”

I have to admit, mulling over those conversations got to me. Thank heavens for my very own caped crusader, riding in to the rescue.

“I love you just the way you are. ” He said, not-so-wisely adding, “No matter what’s hanging where it shouldn’t — you’re still one hot chick in my eyes.”

(Pah! I think he’s just making sure I keep on washing his laundry and baking his cookies. . . .but he did chase the glooms away.)

And it made me realize just how much our thinking changes as we age. When younger , being in the right places, dressed in the right way was important. We were HOT!  Now, sitting in an almost empty parking lot at six in the a.m., slurping back cheap coffees while watching a Big Geek Daddy video clip on my smart phone is far more important. Especially when dear Man-Wonder reaches over to hold my hand for a moment as he smirks.


“Big changes in our lives in the past few years and look at where we are now.” He points around.

I smirk back.

You know, according to statistics, we may exist below what the government calls ‘average’ and while our youthful hotness may just be cobwebs in our memories, we are as rich as we need to be, in the ways most important.

That’s pretty hot as far as I’m concerned.

Ciao for now




  1. Ah, yes, I remember hotness well. Well maybe not since I didn’t know I was. Now I’m just hot as in turn on the AC quick. It’s a matter of what’s important now, isn’t it? 🙂


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