From brains gone amok to rag rugs

It’s been since August since I last sat down to discuss what’s passing through my mind. Thoughts, back then, were putzing along like a happy camper. Then work overload shifted my gears and my brain became more like some ferris wheel running amok, careening loops between my ears until I was just a mushmuck of a brain, unable to stop a train-full of negative thoughts from loading on more cars of, shall we be crude and say, shit? Because that’s about the basic truth. I gave up on writing, drawing and just being creative. I was sleeping, working, sleeping and working and feeling bad about everything.

Then the jobs slowed down. There were actual days between jobs. Lately there’s been weeks between jobs. It has been  lovely. Lovely days of long breaths, clear thinking and deep sleeps between jobs.

Did I say how lovely they have been?

I’ve had time to catch up to myself. To see what was happening. And the first thing I did was thank our district manager for the lack of work, AND, request he do his damn-dest to keep me part-time. Since he already treats me (most kindly) like a village idiot, I figured I hadn’t much to lose.

Part time has given me room to breathe and think clearly. I know now there is a book I need to write, a bagload of Christmas cards to create for next year, two rag rugs to crochet and best of all, a lovely husband to snuggle with. All which need a brain in working order.

Here’s hoping he sticks to my plan!

Meanwhile, here’s a glimpse at part of a long-hoarded stash of materials, (I’ve grown so tired of looking at and feeling guilty over), all cut into 3″ wide pieces,

IMG_20171128_152900368_HDR    which I’m stitching together. Then folding the strip into a  1 1/2″wide strip and ironing it flat. The (3 million mile long) strip will be sitting beside my chair this winter until I have crocheted Man-Wonder and myself two cheerful bedside rag rugs.

Season’s cheer to y’all and may your tootsies be toasty warm this winter.

Ciao for now

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