Hot Christmas kerfuffle


A touch of snow on Christmas day. A lovely little selection of gifts shared with dear Man-Wonder and then a quiet dinner. Turkey for sure. Assorted roasted veggies to compliment it. No dessert because I so pigged out for the week and a half prior and wasn’t up to facing anymore sweets. Hubby (being a cookie freak) was fine with no dessert.

We had invited two for dinner; not that we expected either of them to show up. One being a nephew who is Mr. Hermit-if-there-ever-was-one, and the other is Man-Wonder’s brother, Mr. Frugal-gone-amok, who has never had dinner at our place.

They both showed up.

Go figure.

So, Christmas afternoon, the turkey was merrily roasting (well  — if the turkey knew things wouldn’t have been so merry in there — right?) and I was about to put the veggies in during the last hour when it dawned on me that they needed a much higher cooking temp. Now, if I had been using full brain power I’d have clued in much earlier and simply roasted them longer.

But I wasn’t.

Instead I turned the heat up 50 degrees, foil wrapped the bird and hoped for the best.

Which didn’t happen. The bird was over-cooked and the veggies under-cooked but, damn, the gravy was excellent! And the buns were heaven. (Thank you local bakery).

Nobody over-ate. I think they were hoping to fill up on dessert. You know, like pumpkin pie with ice cream, or apple crumble.

Instead I plunked a plate of Christmas cookies down and told them to have at ‘er. (Kudos here to my generous co-worker for magnificent gift of homemade cookies).The cookies didn’t last long. Neither did the company. I think they ran home to snack. . .

Still, it was an interesting evening, a sweet Christmas, and . . . bonus. . .   it’s highly unlikely we’ll have company for dinner next year. . .




  1. writeknit Said:

    A Merry time was had by all I am sure! Happy New Year my friend.


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