A perfect moment . . . or sixty.

It’s been raining almost non-stop for days now. Sunshine busts out every third or fourth day, giving us hope along with a peanut-sized dose of vitamin D. Then it’s gone. A forever time filled with pounding, driving, soppy, drizzly rain; making our brains soggy from the dreary of it.

But that kind of dreary does have its moments, because in our damp daze we will grab onto any distantly-related-to-perfect moment like a life-presever and squeeze it tight, wringing as much joy from it as we can.

Like, this morning — I woke in the predawn, craving a Santa Fa wrap, only the restuarant that serves it wasn’t going to be open for hours yet. After checking the fridge I figured I could create something close in nature. First —  four strips of bacon (two for me and two for Man-Wonder; which makes that his perfect moment when he finally arises). Two eggs omelet style topped with leftover carmelized onions, crumbled bacon, shredded smoked gouda and soft mozza. Fold it all up in a wrap and lightly tap with butter and baked for twenty minutes or so, turning once. Out pops a crispy breakfast wrap, add a dab of salsa and sour cream and heaven lays itself out on your plate crying for the chomping to commence! Add to this one cup of freshly dripped coffee, a small bowl of frozen blueberries and mango pieces, along with the tiniest square of Nanaimo Bar smack in the middle.

You will be excused for thinking that to be a perfect moment. It’s close but you see, I know I have at least one hour before the man-bear crawls from his slumber, sniffing, snorting, scratching and looking for sustenance. I have one hour to round out that meal to perfection. . . so . . .

I turn off all the lights except the two strands of Christmas lights we refuse to take down until winter leaves; I turn the cd player on and soft flute music pushes the rain patter from my brain as I slip into Man-Wonder’s recliner, pull the lever and commence to wiggle and twist until all the lumps are in exactly the right place (his chair’s lumps; not mine. . .).  My body begins to disappear, the aches and pains fading away as I slide into weightless state. All ‘to-do’ lists are emptying from my mind as I drift into that delicious place, the space between here and nowhere.

That, my friends, is truly one of those imperfectly-perfect moments.

Oh Yeah . . .



  1. writeknit Said:

    Your morning sounds divine. My decaf and skinny bagel pale by comparison, so thank you for sharing your Zen morning – it warmed me up this cold snowy day.


    • Hey, I remember snow! White stuff -right? Seriously, our rain has led to tremendous snowfalls on our island mountains. They even had to shut one ski lodge down for a day to dig it out! Meanwhile, we’re almost floating thanks to non-ending rain.
      But . . . after hearing news of so many fires, floods, and insane winds we should not snivel so deeply.


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