Okay, it’s been so long since I added a blog I am seriously considering changing the blog name to “Caymayo doesn’t write much anymore”.

No excuses. I just drifted away for a while. Not writing at all. Barely sketching. Mostly working on folk art style applique mixed embroidery. In other words hand stitching. . . under a fan, waiting for the heat to pass (that’s summer heat not police heat).


About three weeks ago  my ordered copy of Steven Reddy’s book arrived.

He is an artist with a style I adore and it has sent me out on a few early morning sketches since devouring it.

Then I read “Slow” by Brooke McAlary

which helped further pull me out of my inertia (again, early morning before the heat plows back in).





I have been taking pictures and, praise the powers that be, finally figured out how to have the pictures taken on my phone instantly (or relatively fast) transferred to both my notebook and the bigger laptop. (double fist pump and a mighty Yesssssss here!)

(Setting sun at home and sunrise at the park)

Yesterday I picked up a mystery book for mid-grade children, written by a local writer and was so disgusted by the poor writing I am now going to write again just to prove I can do better.

Nothing like a little negative influence at times eh?

Then this morning I read Marlene’s post “lost and found’ over at   and felt the urge to restart writing about the bits and baubles that make up my life – so thanks Marlene!

Nothing like a little positive influence at times eh

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