Little pleasures



What’s been happening lately? Not much. Mostly working, at a job where there is way too much waiting around; before, during and after; which sucks up and spits out way too much of the time left for those little pleasures we derive from our non-working life.  During the most recent job-waiting periods a co-worker and I were throwing around ways to improve our pleasure times  (aka avoiding housework where ever possible). A few of our more repeatable ideas are:

  • When the venetian blinds have a dusty coat over them angle the blades upward so the sunlight doesn’t shine across them showing off your lack of loving care.
  • When the sink is partially full of dishes, cover with hot water, using the spray nozzle and dish soap to create a fairy-land sink of soap. Looks pretty and gives you about 40 minutes of clear conscience – most useful if you are nearing the end of a juicy book. (Timing depends on the power of the spray and the brand of dish soap.)
  • When the blades of the ceiling fan have black dusty edges either convince yourself it is a black and white fan or keep it running at a high enough speed to blur.
  • When the meal prep crumbs are spreading themselves across the kitchen floor push them into a neat pile (use your toes), ready for when you grab the broom and dustpan from their hidey-hole ( Naturally it may take a few passes before you remember to grab the above mentioned tools) Another benefit of this pile is, if someone comes in, it looks like you are in the middle of sweeping it up – which makes you look like a clean and caring person).
  • We didn’t come up with much for dirty laundry other than hide it in the machine. Neither of us had enough clothing to need one. (Though the washer for dirty laundry is as good as an oven for dirty dishes in my books.)

I guess what it boils down to is that life is too short to worry about small amounts of dirt. I believe that if your house-cleaning (or lack of) isn’t making you sick – then life is good. Spent the time reading, visiting, dancing naked under the moon – whatever turns your crank and makes you happy.

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  1. I agree. 🙂


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