Well. . . Poop

Every day (almost) I tell myself it is time to write another blog, then repeat the thought the following day, and the following day and . . . .today I looked at the last post and almost pooped myself! The last post was in October.

What the hell happened to my weekly blogging?

Life -That’s what happened.

Self-doubt – That’s what happened.

Procrastination – Oh, yeah baby, that puppy really howled!

Same thing with my writing in general – My story characters are still bobbing in and out of the gray matter in my head but the nasty habit of over-thinking snags onto them like a  hungry creature slithering from its muckhole.

I recently turned 65. Thinking about it made me want to run screaming into the dark – like how the heck did I get that old that fast?? I am so not ready. Life is moving fast and I feel like I’m no longer in cinque with it.  That feeling of being a step behind it all had me stewing in the murk-muck I call my brain until I hit on what I think is causing the problem.


Oh, but not those wanton bags of joy which slip in and shift our skin from its trampoline-like tightness to the hammock-in-a-breeze sway. I believe the wrinkles causing the worst issues are those crepe-like little buggers draping themselves over our eyeballs. That extra pinch of droop adding drag to our blinks and changing everything.

I mean, think about it – much of what happens in life happens in the blink of an eye and here we oldsters are too busy slow-blinking to see how life is changing, heck, how we are changing, until we are slapped upside the head with them.

Like suddenly turning 65. . .

However, I did realize one good thing in all that wrinkly thinking. – those eye wrinkles are most likely the cause of one distortion I am grateful for – dear Man-Wonder still thinks I’m . . .  well, you know . . and I thank the powers that be for that myopic miscalculation.



  1. Thanks for the understanding and the giggle!


  2. Yes, I fully understand. I go so long between posts I think hard about giving it up altogether. I just turned 70! So I know how you feel but no man wonder here to make it all better. I write half posts and posts in my head but they don’t get to the laptop. I’m going to have to start putting blogging on my calendar like all my other appointments…next year.;) I’m so glad I’m nearsighted so I can’t see how bad I look. It really gets better and better.


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