Plumb confused

Sitting, typing, in a coffee shop. Trying to ignore the gathering of testosterone two tables over. It is 6:30 in the morning, hubby in bed a mile away and I felt the need to escape. Not sure what from or why the local coffee shop would be a good escape spot. I gave up a while back trying to figure out my mind and all it’s corners and sharp edges.

But that’s not to say I’m not forever surprised at how the brain works. Like: the surprise I had the other day when, out of the blue, Man-Wonder turned and said, he hoped I didn’t get upset but he wasn’t ready to go home; adding he often felt clearer of the mind when away from the mobile we call home. I was surprised because that’s how I’ve felt for over a year now. We have created a cozy place to relax in the mobile, so why the urge to run? And what are we running from?

Another odd thing we’ve each commented on is, how, when getting up in the wee hours because of aching joints we gravitate toward the recliner, snuggle down in it and read until our eyes drift close and, then, without opening them, reach up, turn the light off, snuggle deeper under the blanket and . . . BAM . . .  the brain goes into full-on-chewing-over-everything-that-has-happened-or-will-happen mode. Reach up, turn the light on, read a few more minutes, eyes drift downward,  reach up . . . you get the idea. Why does the light put one to doze while the dark wakes the brain up?

Another of life’s little puzzles to either ignore or strain our brains trying to figure out.

Update on the testosterone zoo: The men (loose terminology) are taking turns complaining about annoying habits their wives have. It’s like a coin, men on one side, women on the other and whatever side lands face up – the complaints are the same. Funny how some things never change.

One new project done before Christmas this year was a candelabra made from plumbing parts (yeah, we stayed home long enough to complete it) ((and, yeah, okay Man-Wonder put it together – I found the pattern and scared him into doing it – don’t ask!).  It is a cross between goth and steam punk and so utterly sweet. The candles used are bright green beeswax (so not the true color in photo). I loved the combo of bright light green and dark heavy metal.


And that’s all I have to say this 28th day of December. Happy New Year all.

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