Sometimes life is as simple as a pickle


The headlines are pumped out at us every day now:




I am happy to report that I already appreciate the simple in my life.

Take the other night at our dinner table – we were having what Man-Wonder calls a BoHo plate of delight. It’s where you pull all the bits and pieces out of the fridge and arrange them artistically on plates. That night it was leftover salads, chunks of ham and cheese, thin slices of red pepper, apples and a nice juicy hunk of watermelon, plus a treat for myself – a nice fat juicy little dill pickle, quartered lengthwise.

Now – here you need to know – Man-Wonder doesn’t care for strong pickles. His preference is a sweet pickle while mine is the kind that yell ‘bite me’ and when you do it sucks your cheeks in like a lady in church hanging onto a fart.

Which is the kind I tucked onto our plates dinner. One little quarter for him and three for me. Naturally, the first thing I eat is one of the slices and I couldn’t help it, I moaned. So good, so tart! I must have moaned a tad too loud because Man-Wonder looked over at me, eyebrows raised.

I pointed at my mouth, shrugged then smiled, all the while thinking ‘OMG, this is going to be so good!’

And, in a fashion most sneaky, I waited, and watched, and waited, and watched because naturally, the last thing left on his plate was the stupid pickle slice. By this time I am almost vibrating, half afraid he’s not going to eat it. But then he did, AND, oh boy – it was worth it! The moment, the very moment, his teeth crunched through the pickle skin was as delicious to me as if I was doing the biting because there was a split second look of absolute horror on his face followed by an instant of panic as he debated whether to spit it out or swallow the monster.

A priceless moment and one where I laughed so hard I felt like I was about to turn inside out.

So yes, I can say with dead certainty – I know how to savor my moments . . .


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  1. anne54 Said:

    Oh that made me laugh!


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