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Teeny tiny things and big thoughts


Going back to work has taken precedence over everything else these past three months. Everything has had to fit in around THE WORK SCHEDULE. And it’s been crazy. This travelling around to do store/business inventory is not for normal people. Not for excitable souls either. It’s not for anyone who likes ‘regular’. It’s a goofy job and it suits me just fine.

But its newness has worn down enough to let my mind wander back to the things I’ve neglected. Some things like cooking and cleaning aren’t missed, but the early morning sketching or the late night writing and especially the full night of sleep without some freaky dream about counting are missed big time.

I find as I’m coming out of that give-‘er-all mentality I keep wandering into the hobby room to wipe the thin layer of neglect off the laptop case and my art bag. Often it’s followed by a long, pitiful, deep sigh. I miss my old companions.

mushroom 3

So I am, the minute the days warm up just a tad more and the sun hustles its magnificence up about an hour earlier, out the door with my sketch bag. As for the writing — I think a few walks in the warm spring sun will help the juices bubble again. Especially when I see those teeny tiny mushrooms under the trees. Something about seeing them always open the mind’s eye to a world of teeny tiny people with a big problem.

Tiny people . . . fairies . . . things that go bump in the night. . . Oh my!

Come on sun, this goofy broad needs a long walk. . .and a few mushrooms.

mushroom 2